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Rosemarie L. Hill 
Chambliss Attorneys at Law
Shareholder / Chair, Labor and Employment Section
D: 423.757.0242 C: 423.508.2198 F: 423.508.1242

Manufacturing and service companies, universities, colleges, private schools, and health care providers, among other employers, call Rosemarie Hill to counsel them on dozens of employment-related issues. These include inquiries about wage payments under state and federal wage and hour laws, concerns about hiring, firing, and discipline of employees, discrimination and harassment accusations, medical and other leave questions, and just about any issue that can arise in an employer-employee relationship.

Often clients need emergency consults on how to handle an employee
problem, and Rosemarie provides quick assistance and pragmatic solutions
that are highly valued by busy employers. She will also promptly admit when a
particular inquiry needs further analysis and research, and then produces a
quick turn-around and solution for the harried employer.

 When a client, despite its best efforts, is hit with an administrative charge (for
instance, from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)) or a
lawsuit claiming violation of an employment law or illegal retaliation against an
employee, Rosemarie and her team are on the spot to provide defense and
representation from beginning to end. Her clients appreciate her quick
response and her willingness to bring them into the defense strategy/cost
analysis of each lawsuit or administrative charge.

Rosemarie has also worked with clients in counseling and litigation on antitrust
matters, including the Sherman, Clayton, and FTC Acts, as well as advising on
Robinson-Patman issues.

Rosemarie excels in trial work, and every case receives the utmost intellectual
and common-sense care. She speaks to jurors and judges alike with respect
and in fair, understandable language with no loss of legal excellence. She is
engaging and honest with clients, they are highly complementary of her efforts
on their behalf, and they actually enjoy working with her and her team.

Her induction into the American College of Trial Lawyers assures clients that
she is an excellent lawyer who will handle their matters with civility for all
concerned in the process, but who will vigorously defend them and
unceasingly fight for their cause.

She chairs the firm's Labor and Employment Section, and is proud to work with and for that excellent, intellectually challenging and entertaining group of folks.

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